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Lens eccentricity (fixed or center) detection applications
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     Lens eccentricity (fixed or center) and the traditional comparative visual or video equipment, digital set your favorite / eccentric instrument / center instrument (Test station for lenses measurement and assembly) in the test accuracy improves an order of magnitude, is a modern high-precision lens the lens assembly and testing necessary production and testing equipment. High with a test, the test results easily affected by human factors, easy data analysis and storage characteristics, making it more suitable for use in a lens, the lens production and management.
Guangzhou Bangwo Technology FW-LensVT/VTR and FW-129B/TV Series Lens eccentric instrument used for ordinary lenses and lens control and lens glued eccentric checking in, but FW-LensVT/VTR series is also better be automated and scheduled favorite special software dedicated to high-precision lens assembly and testing. These two series of products with a number of software and opto-mechanical and electrical automation components and modules can be configured according to customer requirements for different types of optical lens production test, including the projector lens, camera camera lens, cell phone camera, laser optics lenses and other types of high-precision lens or optical components or batch production testing. FW-LensVT/VTR and FW-MT two series can be equipped with a mode of transmission and reflection measurements, instrument uses all-digital data acquisition and analysis and processing, testing, high efficiency, high precision data directly into the computer, but also has focal length (EFL, BFL, FFL); radius of curvature (ROC); angle measurement comparison test functions, making the lens integrated measuring instruments, testing process can also be carried out simultaneously.
FW-Lens-HR Model Series instruments dedicated to optical fiber communication C-lens or cylindrical lenslets long lens center offset (decentration of lens) fast measurements. This series also has a center offset ultra-precision measuring instruments, flexible and fast characteristics, test results can be real-time analysis, automatic determination saving functions.
FW-Lens-HTR model series dedicated to the cylinder needle instrument optics (cylindrical lens) and cutting spherical lens (square lens) eccentric difference measurement, with a variety of measurement modes, this series of instruments and other digital devices, like a high-precision , high efficiency, easy to analyze and storage features.

Client Professional Testing Systems and Services

      Bangwo Guangzhou technology not only provides high-precision lenses listed here are integrated automatic measuring instrument, automatic precision lens eccentric instrument (scheduled favorite), lens precision goniometer and other standard products, based in Guangzhou Bangwo technology in precision optical and mechanical , digital signal processing, computer software and automation control technology and years of experience, we provide professional research institutes and industrial companies outside of standard products, including optical, mechanical and infrared multiple areas of complete test solutions and services, Guangzhou Bangwo technology in technical solutions and cost has a unique advantage.


   Optical single lens (lens), a cemented lens (bonding lens) eccentric, focal length, radius of curvature (radius of curvature), center thickness (center thinkness) and other measurement and control, optical rectangular prism, pentagonal prism, plain film, lenses and windows tablets planar optical element (right angle prism, penta prism, filter and window etc.) angle measurement and control, the wedge angle and parallel precision measurement, polyhedron prism angle block equal pieces measuring, lens focal length (EFL, BFL, FFL), the radius of curvature (ROC) and other high-precision measurement, high precision optical projection lens, camera lens, camera lens, cell phone camera (Projection Lens, Cameras, Imaging Lens, Mobile Lens) assembly and testing equipment and services, lens resolution measurements, the lens quality evaluation such as measurement and control.

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