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UV-LED light source used in the printing industry superiority
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UV printing applications in the printing industry one of the most important elements. Undoubtedly, packaging products deep processing, such as: hot stamping, laminating, embossing, and a variety of glazing has been very common, which has become a special effect varnishing advanced technology. The following is a UV-LED light source used in the printing industry advantage.

  First, UV-LED light source long life screen, low power consumption, especially in flexo and sheetfed case, printing can save almost 50% of the electricity;
Secondly, UV-LED curing unit does not produce ozone, small footprint, integration and control them are relatively easy, maintenance is simple, almost all of the printing process can be printed using UV-LED light source technology. This is Division I with the famous Japanese Optoelectronics Corporation jointly developed with international leading level of UV-LED light curing device, match the corresponding tablet presses, photo machine.

Has the following characteristics and advantages:
1.UV-LED light source can be quickly cured, it can dramatically shorten production time and improve efficiency
2.UV-LED light source is a cold light source, no heat radiation, the product will not be damaged by curing
3.UV-LED light source is not toxic substance mercury, safer and more environmentally friendly.
4 higher luminous efficiency, spectral radiant power equivalent to several kilowatts of mercury vapor arc lamp;
5.Accurate UV radiation, light, high purity, stable light output
6.UVLED luminaire suitable for a variety of substrates: flexible or rigid, non-absorbent materials to the absorbent
7 Japan-related hiring consultants, using the latest Japanese technology, the power consumption is very small, the service life of up to 20,000 hours or more; technical parameters of the product:
1 emitting surface: L × W = 35 × 25mm and 40 × 25mm two sizes (can be customized).
2.UV wavelength: 365/385/395/405nm optional.
3.LED chip total electric power: 120W/160W two kinds of specifications.
4 The energy intensity per unit area: 2W/CM2 curing speed up to 150 m / min

"UV-LED curing function to solve the supply problem of deformation and drying time."
◎ newly developed UV-LED light curing methods will not produce infrared heating caused by thermal deformation situation.
◎ printed on easy to crack soft supplies would not be cracking conditions, such as uncoated PVC or a variety of other supplies.
◎ supplies deformation and drying time can solve the problems, greatly enhance productivity.

"Environmentally friendly machine, does not produce harmful gases"
◎ The new UV-LED lights, only job open automatically, electricity usage in older drops below 50%; short wavelength ultraviolet light, does not produce ozone, affect air quality.
◎ green UV ink, no VOC, no ventilation system

"Supported platforms, print thickness of up to 10mm Heaviest to 12kg"
◎ only can be printed on a soft drum consumables, UJV-160 also supports the platform, and even hard consumables (such as cardboard, metal) can also be directly printed.
◎ printing supplies thickness up to 10mm, heaviest 12kg
◎ front platform supports to 1,800 mm long
※ overweight and some special material NA, first tested before use
"UV curable ink scalability up to 200%."
MIMAKI with 3Ms newly developed UV inks have good ductility, can be up to 200% of the effect can be printed on flexible supplies without cracking conditions, such as PVC, PET, PC ....

"White coat ink, making the colors more vivid."
Transparent or colored materials for color printing, can effectively use the white coating ink. A substantial increase in colorful performance.
● color with light transmittance, low color saturation, photo does well.
● cover white ink to prevent transmission, quality performance, good color saturation, bright and vivid images.
◎ 3 different sizes of ink dots, creating high-quality inkjet (1,200 × 1,200 dpi)
● High resolution 1,200 dp × 1,200 i, can be expressed rich color and quality; offers 3 different point sizes (small, medium, large) to improve print quality. Excellent color performance to meet all professional requirements.
◎ ◎ heating system can automatically create high-quality printing continuous feed, reducing manual operation
◎ For different supplies, adjustable head height ◎ pressure on both sides of the fixed version of supplies, providing a stable printing

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