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Employing the concept

Talent Strategy

"Science and technology innovation, people-oriented"

"Science and technology innovation, people-oriented" is the employment concept of Bangwo Technology. In the past, present and future, Guangzhou Bangwo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. always regards talents as the most valuable resource of the enterprise.

Introducing talents, cultivating talents, and respecting talents are the source of entrepreneurship, the source of development, and the source of competition.

“People do their best to make the best use of it”

Based on the tenet of “respecting labor, respecting knowledge, respecting talents, and respecting creation”, Bangwo Technology is people-oriented, attaches importance to the use of talents, and rationally adjusts the structure of talent resources; it creates a talented person to make the best use of it, inspire people, and meet the talent growth. A good working atmosphere to promote the comprehensive and harmonious development of people and businesses.

"The combination of virtue and political integrity, faith in the world, and win-win future"

The concept of "integrity, innovation, harmony, and win-win" unifies the thoughts, attitudes, attitudes, behaviors and values of the Bonwo people, and constantly strengthens the affinity and cohesiveness within the company - to keep people in culture and to start business for the Bonwo people. Provide a steady stream of spiritual power.

"Integrity" is the foundation of the company, and we must be realistic, honest, and pragmatic;

"Innovation" is the way of development. It is necessary to actively seek change, dare to break through the routine, and try boldly;

"Harmony" is the foundation of a win-win situation. It is necessary to resolve contradictions and disputes in the reform, create a stable and healthy environment, and form a synergy to promote enterprise development;

"Win-win" is the ultimate goal. It is necessary to seek cooperation and win-win between all stakeholders. The endless Bungwo corporate culture will unite the talents of the four parties and achieve the century-old foundation of Bangwo.


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