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Quartz fiber applications
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      Quartz fiber with a high refractive index is a pure silica glass as a core material with a low refractive index material is an organic or inorganic optical fiber of the foreskin, the quartz optical fiber transmission wavelength range (from the near ultraviolet to near infrared, wavelengths from 0.38 -2.1um), so the quartz fiber for each wavelength in the ultraviolet to the infrared signal and the transmission of energy, large numerical aperture quartz fiber, optical fiber core diameter, high mechanical strength, bending properties and easily coupled to the light source, etc., so in sensing, spectroscopy, process control and laser delivery (especially transport He-Ne, Ar + ions and YAG laser ideal medium), laser medical treatment, measurement techniques, criminal investigation, information transmission and lighting and other fields widely. Has been widely used in electronic, medical, biotechnology, material processing, sensor technology, national defense and other fields. As commercialization of quartz fiber, low cost, excellent light transmission properties and biocompatibility, and high strength, high reliability and high laser damage threshold, and many other advantages, making energy transfer quartz optical fiber, particularly in the industrial and medical other areas of laser transmission has been widely used, which is the other types of fiber can not match. With the cost reduction and the technology matures, quartz fiber in the field of lighting applications are increasingly widespread, the demand doubling every year.


Basic features

    Silica fiber is the fiber for short, is a particularly high purity quartz glass (with SiO2 as the main component) produced fibrous waveguide structure. The basic function of silica fibers bound and spread the beam, a certain wavelength of light that is bound to a few tens of microns along the inner radial extent of the longitudinal direction of the quartz fiber as a low-loss transmission. Quartz fiber as a transmission medium with transmission capacity of the basic features that it equals the transmission rate and transmission distance of the product. Determine the transmission distance and transmission performance indicators is a quartz fiber loss and dispersion (or bandwidth).



A quartz fiber transmission from external electromagnetic radiation, can the motor near the nuclear test site and other harsh environmental cooperation, and high strength, good resistance to atmospheric corrosion;
2, the special design of the optical fiber, the transmission beam amplitude, phase, polarization, wavelength and the external environment may be affected by physical changes in modulation. Composed of a quartz optical fiber interferometer, through the phase detector, a high detection sensitivity can be obtained, and thus silica fiber has become widely used in industrial automatic media sensing control, military reconnaissance and other fields;
3, certain elements doped silica fiber into the gain medium will be made to have different performance fiber laser. Fiber laser is a laser field is an important direction of development, it is in the miniaturization of the laser, the practical aspect plays a very important role in the information field of laser technology into an entry point.


    UV-curable fiber optic conduit mainly for UV curable resin or adhesive fast curing, the transmission of light through the body mainly by UV HCS-performance quartz fiber; thus suitable for fast curing UV adhesives or inks and dry; infrared high-power fiber mainly uses infrared Through performance fiber as the main body, so as to be welded plastic material or metal material such capabilities.

   In addition to making the Division I single-branch, multi-branch, a multiple-out, and more into one, multi-input, multiple output, such as different branching structure, round, square, linear and other forms of light ends and out, and according to the customers requirements, customize a variety of structures and forms of quartz optical fibers;

   Currently supporting major brands UV curing machine (device) are: HOYA USHIO HAMAMATSU OMRON NAIS EXFO DYMAX ELC, etc., imported optical transmittance and consistent, can substitute imported products, thus reducing production costs and improve production efficiency.

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